3 Trends In Corporate Catering

Discover the latest trends in corporate catering.

Whether you are throwing a fundraising event or holiday party, one of the most important elements of any corporate event is the catering.  Most events, in general, revolve around the food and drinks being served, so you want to put time into choosing the best caterer.  The success of your corporate event partially depends on the food and beverages you serve.  Luckily, there are a few trends in corporate catering that you should follow so that you have a memorable corporate event.

Healthy Options

When it comes to corporate catering, the days of heavy fried foods are coming to an end.  We are in an era of people becoming more health conscious with what they consume. So, at events, guests want to eat healthy, light foods that will not make them tired by the end of the night.  Small plates full of vegetables and fruits is a wise option at corporate catering events. Make sure to serve foods for specific dietary restrictions such as gluten-free options.

Grab And Go

Most corporate events are great for networking and meeting new people, so you want to people to eat food that is easy for travel.  For a corporate event, focus on creating small plates and appetizers that people can handle and eat easily. You do not want people to have to sit down with a large plate of food if they need to mingle and talk with people during the event.

Focus On Appearance

One of the major trends in corporate catering is the look and presentation of the food served.  We are in the generation of social media where everyone is constantly sharing everything that they are doing.  So, you want the food you serve to look nice and appetizing so that people will want to take a picture and tell their friends about your food.  No one wants to eat something that looks unappetizing.

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