3 Catering Trends You Will See In 2018

Learn about the upcoming trends in the catering industry.

Whether you are getting married or hosting a corporate event, the caterer you choose will ultimately be one of the highlights.  When it comes to event planning, you need to take your time to choose the perfect caterer to cook and serve food to your guests.  Many events revolve around the food that will be served, so it is critical that every dish is exceptional.  If you are planning your own event, you should follow these three catering trends to give you some inspiration.  

Give Guests A Taste Of Culture

If you are hosting an event where guests have to travel, you should think about serving food that is inspired by the location of the event.  When it comes to a wedding reception, you should serve food depending on the specific destination whether it is your hometown or a foreign city.  Another great is to base your menu on a specific culture or background especially if you are hosting a wedding.  Have guests get to know you better by serving food that is inspired by your culture or upbringing.  

Putting A Spin On A Classic

When it comes to food, some items will never go out of style such as spaghetti and meatball, and burgers.  Everyone enjoys a classic entree that takes them back to their childhood.  Although, if you are hosting an upscale event, you should enhance these classic dishes for a more formal experience.  For example, you can serve small bite-size burgers to your guests that have delicious toppings on them.

Focus On Veggies

Since the number of people that identify as vegetarian or vegan are growing, it is critical that your serve vegetarian/vegan options at your event.  You need to create a few dishes that cater to those guests and not just serve a salad.  You want your vegetarian and vegan guests to feel that they matter and that they are not just an afterthought.  You need to put in time and effort creating dishes for them in mind.  

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