Tips for Planning the Perfect Catered Event Menu

If you’re hosting a catered event, then you want to make sure that your menu is spectacular.

If you’re hosting a catered event, then you want to make sure that your menu is spectacular. We’ve all been to company or corporate events where the food served could have been better. There are a lot of considerations to make when planning an event. Some of the most apparent factors are having a budget, knowing the venue, and of course, picking tasty food that everyone will love. However, multiple factors aren’t always so obvious. Keep reading to discover some tips for planning the perfect catered event menu.

Know Your Guests

If you learn the profile of your guests, this means that you can offer catering options that best serve their needs. Did your guests grow up in Maryland? Maybe some crab or seafood choices are ideal. If your attendees are prestigious professionals in the world of business or politics, then perhaps the menu should be fancier and of a high caliber. Knowing the cultural or ethnic background of those that will attend your event matter as well.

Know What Your Guests Prefer

If the demographics of your guests vary, then you should give them a variety. Older attendees may prefer less spicy food, whereas a younger crowd might have more adventurous taste buds. You should also have health-conscious choices, especially when it comes to the people who may be diabetic or handling other health issues. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives are always excellent as well.

Give Your Guests Choices

The reality of catering an event is that you’ll never be able to please everyone. However, you can always give them choices. A golden rule is to offer two to three entree choices, three or more salad dressing options, place condiments on the side, and offer two dessert choices, preferably one of the selections being a healthier option.

Accommodate Those Who Have Dietary Restrictions

Figure out if your guests have food restrictions. Food restrictions vary based on allergies (being lactose intolerant) religion(Kosher catering) and healthy lifestyle choices (veganism and vegetarianism). You don’t want your guests to feel limited, nor do you want to look around and discover that none of your guests are eating. Make sure to accommodate their needs

Time Matters

In the case of a conference meeting, if you only have thirty minutes, a boxed lunch is one of the best options. Buffets take about an hour.  If you plan on having your meal plated, then it will take about an hour and a half. Enjoying a catered menu takes time. Make sure that your guests will be able to enjoy their food thoroughly.

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