Tips for Planning an Undeniably Beautiful Banquet

Hire us so that your banquet will have decadent and delicious food!

We’re an expert event planning company that can help you plan an undeniably beautiful banquet. If you’ve yet to host a formal corporate event, then you may want to consider it. Hosting a company event is a way to reengage your employees and also give back to the community. It takes work to plan a banquet. With thorough planning, you can create a memorable, top-notch event. Here are some tips on how you can arrange an undeniably beautiful banquet.

Identify the Goals of Your Banquet

Banquets have different purposes. Is your goal to host a fundraiser? Or do you want to highlight some fantastic employees that have gone above and beyond? Deciding the goals of your corporate event will help you narrow down a schedule. It will also help you estimate expenses. Estimate a budget for food, entertainment, transportation, and a venue. Then, here’s the hard part: try to stick to that budget.

Reserve Your Banquet Venue Well in Advance

Planning a corporate event is different than planning a company lunch. It takes time to hone in on all the details because a banquet is so formal. Have the venue set months in advance. Make sure that the location will not only be convenient for your employees but anyone who will speak at the banquet. 

Think About Live Entertainment 

Not only are well-versed and charismatic speakers an exciting part of any event, but live entertainment can add to the enjoyment as well. Make sure to do thorough research. Nothing ruins a formal gathering like a disappointing performance. Not only are online reviews helpful, but most performers have videos of prior performances readily accessible. 

Hire an Experienced Caterer

More than an excellent speaker, or riveting live performance, people look forward to the food the most at any event. When you hire an experienced catering company such as us, you know that we’re going to accommodate your needs expertly. Our food choices are decadent, delicious, and diverse. Because we specialize in Kosher catering, we understand the many nuances that come with catering. 

If you need expert guidance regarding event planning or need an experienced catering company to serve at your next banquet, give us a call. 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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