How to Choose the Menu for Networking Events

Menu for Networking Event Catering by Alan Weiss

Allow us to help you make your food menu unique at your next event

The menu makes a big difference at any event. Corporate and networking events are no different. In regards to any event or celebration, the food choices serve as a staple. You’d be surprised at how many people discuss how delicious food was (or wasn’t) at an event, even years later. Besides your charming personality and skillset, fantastic food can help reel the people you want as a part of your team. Here are a few pivotal considerations on how to choose the menu for networking events. 

Think Food Stations and Small Bites

Portability is ideal at networking events. You can work the room without needing to have a plate or silverware. Your guests can enjoy the same convenience. Small bites and food stations create less of a mess and less to juggle. Consider sturdy food options that are easy to hold and won’t fall apart. 

Choose Food That Will Stay Fresh and at Its Desired Temperature

Depending on how long your event lasts, fries may not serve as a reliable option. While delicious, they get cold quickly. You want to pick food that has an excellent shelf life. We recommend you avoiding food stations where the food will become cold or hard. If a guest runs slightly behind, they should still enjoy delicious snacks or a meal. 

The Food Menu Should Be Easy to Digest

We recommend small bites for a reason. At an event where there is a lot of talking and engagement going on, it’s best to have food that guests can enjoy in a few bites. Foods like spaghetti, steak, and or any food that requires a lot of cutting or chewing might mean that guests will spend more time eating and not networking. Make eating manageable and enjoyable. 

Make Your Food Menu Unique

If your guests remember you and the food, you’re sure to win them over undeniably. Go for foods such as sushi, sliders, mini desserts, and vibrant macaroons. All of these selections are easy to eat but creative and fun. Your entire event should scream “creativity.” From how you decorate your venue to your menu and how you communicate with your guests, networking events should be creative, memorable, and inspirational. 

Make Sure to Social Distance

If you do decide to host a networking event, make sure to keep social distancing in mind. We know that networking events serve as an up-close and personal experience, but safety should come first. Make sure guests are wearing masks when they’re not eating, keep in mind how many guests you’re inviting, and have plenty of hand sanitizer on deck. Also, outdoor venues are much safer. If you need a catering company for your next event, reach out to us today! 

Catering by Alan Weiss

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