Event Catering Do’s and Dont’s

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Event catering is crucial—the food matters to attendees more than anything else

Event catering is crucial—the food matters to attendees more than anything else. Of course, an event needs to have a remarkable venue. However, a poorly-thought-out menu can ruin the entire event. You never want to leave your guests hungrily disappointed. You can count on us. Our expert event catering will make planning an event smooth and manageable. We’ll help you stay informed with these event catering do’s and don’ts. 

Do Offer Healthy Options

Organic food will never go out of style. Healthy eating doesn’t mean that the food has to be bland or tasteless. For vegan and vegetarian guests or any guests with food restrictions, they’ll appreciate this. 

Do Offer Alcohol Alternatives 

Everyone doesn’t drink. Having plenty of beverage options is excellent, especially if they go with the season. During winter events, hot chocolate is sure to please a lot of people. During summer months, people will be sure to appreciate cold, refreshing lemonade. Also, zero-proof cocktails exist. People can enjoy the taste of a cocktail without the effects that come with alcohol. 

Do Try Cultural Foods

We specialize in kosher catering, but we prepare other types of cultural foods exceptionally well, as well. The event catering options are virtually limitless when you hire us. Think about Asian delicacies or Italian dishes to add some variety to your menu. 

Don’t Neglect Your Guests’ Eating Restrictions.

Kosher catering, gluten-free options, and lactose-free options are among many considerations. Each of your guests should be able to enjoy your event to the fullest. That means asking them about any dietary restrictions that they may have.

Don’t Make Your Guests Stand in Extremely Long Lines

Event planners often debate whether they want to have a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style dinner. Whichever one eliminates long lines is probably the one you should go for, or whichever option won’t keep your guests waiting to eat too long. If your event has only 30 guests, a buffet could work. For more than this, it’s probably best they get their food right away with a sit-down dinner.

Don’t Neglect Your Budget

Budget means everything when it comes to event catering. Exotic dishes are indeed trendy and unforgettable. However, you always want to ask yourself, “will this break my bank?” There is nothing wrong with simplicity. Most people won’t complain about classic staple dishes.  

Catering by Alan Weiss

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