Common MYTHConceptions About Event Catering

Understanding how event catering works will make the planning process much smoother.

Understanding how event catering works will make the planning process much smoother. Hosting an event is difficult when you try to do it all on your own, so let us take care of you! Here at Catering by Alan Weiss, our catering covers events, weddings, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. We’re going to share with you some common mythconceptions about event catering. Keep reading! 

Booking at the Last Minute is Acceptable

You should always hire a caterer in advance. Professional caterers have bookings for months out. If you wait until the last minute, then you run the risk of facing unavailability. 

A Caterer Only Takes Care of the Food

Caterers wear many hats. They are in charge of providing the plates, utensils, glasses, and serving dishes. They are also responsible for organizing the seating, serving the food, and the cleanup process. 

 Ordering From a Restaurant is Better

If you order from a restaurant, you’ll have to provide the silverware, cutlery, plates, and glasses. You’ll also have to depend on friends and family to serve the food. Restaurants don’t focus on event catering customization. They provide the food, and that’s it, depending on the restaurant. Make your life easier. We’re a one-stop-shop. 

Caterers Offer Basic Food Options

The catering process involves flexibility. We honor food allergies, restrictions, and dietary laws. Also, if you’re the type of person that wants an exotic food menu, we have you covered. The taste palette does not have to be bland and can accommodate many people. 

Hiring Fewer Servers and Staff is Ideal

While this may save you money, it makes the event go less smoothly. You need enough staff to refill water, serve food, and clear empty plates. You don’t want your guests waiting for a long time to eat or drink. In this case, less is not more. You always want to overcompensate for what you may need for your event. Also, the cleanup process is not fun, so getting it over as quickly as possible is best. 

Another thing to think about is the number of hours that you will have the venue. If you only have it for a limited time, you don’t want to spend more money because the cleaning process took too long.

Catering by Alan Weiss

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