Choosing an Event Menu: What to Know Beforehand

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When thinking about the food and beverages that come with any event, you want to focus on how your guests are going to enjoy the experience. Event planners or anyone with their own event coming up have to think about what kind of catering experience they want to provide. Answering some basic questions about who you’re serving, what the function is, and what you want your guests to get out of it can really be a guiding light during the event planning process. We’ve come up with some big considerations worth reflecting on before you choose your event menu.

The Meals of the Day

Typically, we lump meals into three major chunks: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Obviously, you typically choose what time of day your event is to guide your decisions. Packaged breakfast options are some of the more cost-effective catering services you can get and everyone loves a good breakfast station. When it comes to lunch, buffet options can be a great way to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Buffets can be ideal for dinner too, though you may want to consider plated dinners, which can give a feeling of elevated luxury that’s ideal for dinner time.

Thinking Outside the Plate

Not every event menu is going to strictly adhere to one of the major meals of the day. In fact, we see many catering events where people want to get creative. If you’re looking to cater a break meal between a series of events, for example, a theme is a good way to get creative and keep folks interested. At a reception, you may want to think about small plates and bar packages which can keep the party going.

Being Inclusive

Not everyone is going to have the same dietary concerns. Make sure you’re aware of any issues your guests may have and pass it along to your catering service, including any allergies, religious needs, or other dietary restrictions. Some folks may be trying their best to stick to that all-veggie diet, so you want to make sure you’re accommodating as many people as you can!

Terms to Know

Lastly, we’d like to present a quick catering service glossary just to clear up any confusion:

  • Labor charges are whatever the minimum charge is to put your event on, though this is sometimes waived if an event is on the larger side and can be negotiated.
  • Minimum plates are a way of saying, what’s the headcount for this event? Many caterers charge based on a per person basis, so having as close to an accurate figure as you can will help you save money.
  • Chef and bar fees will be tallied in if your catering services require a bartender or a chef to be on the premises, that’s going to be another figure to be aware of.
  • Service charges and taxes may end up being up to 20 percent of your overall costs in the end so don’t forget to anticipate them.

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