What are Some of the Top Catering Mistakes?

Catering involves more than just serving the right food.

Catering involves more than just serving the right food. Planning an event or wedding takes a lot of consideration. Presentation is everything, and you want to please your guests as well as yourself. If you have a wedding or event coming up, then don’t make these mistakes! Keep reading to discover some of the top catering mistakes!

Being Unprepared for a Lot of Guests

You can never know how many guests will show up to an event, even if it’s RSVP only event.  People often make last minute changes. Therefore, it’s always best to overestimate than underestimate how many guests will be in attendance. While you’ll never have an exact number, trying to feed 150 people when there’s only enough food for 50 people is problematic. No one deserves to stand. Everyone deserves cutlery, glassware, and particular documents if it’s a corporate event. It’s always easier to remove tables and chairs to create more space rather than trying to fit your guests in a cramped area.

Being Unaware of Food Allergies

When they RSVP, you should have guests write down what their food allergies are or you could ask directly. An allergic reaction is discomforting, embarrassing, and could be fatal depending on the circumstances. At your event or wedding what you could do is display signs showing what foods won’t cause allergic reactions. While Maryland is known for seafood, not everyone can eat shellfish so be mindful.

Serving Food That’s Off-Season.

Off-season foods, especially fruits, can be costly, and quite frankly, they don’t taste as good because the freshness is limited. A catering menu should be of the highest quality. Therefore, you don’t want to suggest that your caterer cooks any food that’s not indicative of the current season.

Having a Menu That’s too Lavish

You should want your wedding to be unique. The same goes for a corporate event. Having a few exotic items on the menu will help your catered event stand out. However, it’s always best to have a few simple, classic dishes that everyone will enjoy. Simple salads are a staple, especially for vegans or vegetarians. Having a beef, chicken, and fish option works as well.

Lack of Communication With the Caterer

Caterers need time to prepare for last minute changes. You want your wedding or event to go as smoothly as possible. Make sure to provide your caterer with detailed information, so that’s no communication about the vision that you have in mind.

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