Why Your Wedding Needs a Videographer

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Capture the special moments from your wedding!

Whether you got engaged during the festive holiday season or recently on the most romantic night of the year, wedding planning is a hectic process! Hiring a videographer will ensure that you properly capture the beautiful memories of your wedding, from the bouquet toss to the awesome DJ, to the delicious catering from Catering by Alan Weiss. Here are some of the biggest reasons why your wedding needs a videographer.

Your Wedding Video is a Time Capsule

Photos and Instagram do a great job at helping you to remember how nice an event was (or how good that catering was), but they don’t get the whole picture. A videographer gives you a video that will be immersive and help you to remember every last detail of your wedding. Instead of imagining the gasp your groom took when you walked down the aisle, you’ll get to hear and see it again! Instead of wanting to forget how your uncle danced during the reception, you’ll have to see it on the video. The time capsule your wedding video creates will gain more and more value as you age.

Your Wedding Video Shows You Behind the Scenes

When you are getting married, there are so many things you have to do throughout the day. However, while you are taking pictures or changing into your new shoes for the reception, there’s a party going on! A videographer allows you to see your wedding behind the scenes (or where you weren’t) so that you can fully enjoy and take in the experience. You’ll get to watch your guests and family react to different dances and catering options and really enjoy the beauty of the event. A videographer can totally change the way that you get to see your wedding.

Catering for Your Wedding from Catering by Alan Weiss

When you are ready to for excellent catering for your wedding or fun party, there is no better way to do it than with kosher Catering by Alan Weiss. We offer exceptional service, delicious kosher cuisine, and event planning for larger gatherings. We have a 19-page menu with various kosher delights for you to choose from, so your guests with food allergies won’t feel left out at all. To get more information and see our menu, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 394-8338 or (800) 459-0009. For more tips and interesting articles, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

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