Tips for Saving Money on a Kosher Wedding

An inexpensive kosher wedding is a possibility

Kosher weddings, or any wedding at all, can be expensive. If you’re planning on a budget, then it’s possible to save money on your kosher wedding, and still have your big day be as fabulous as an expensive wedding. Having a budget and focusing on the details that matter will help you stay organized and keep you from spending too much money on minute details. Here we specialize in kosher catering, and today we’re going to share some tips with you on how to save money on a kosher wedding. 

Consider an Intimate Venue

If you have an ample amount of space in your backyard or you know someone who does, then consider having a quaint kosher wedding surrounded amid nature. Or maybe you know the owner of a local restaurant who’s willing to lend you their space for a relatively low price. When you creatively look at venue spaces, you’re most likely to find a decent deal. 

Rent the Wedding Dress

This idea may sound far fetched, but realistically, most brides typically only wear their wedding dress for one day, and then that’s it. Renting is a much cheaper option, and you still have access to designer dresses. Some brides rent gowns online, but the experience can be more personalized where you can try on the dress in a shop or the privacy of someone’s home. 

Get Your Honeymoon for Free

You may be wondering how this could be possible. The smart idea is to ask for money from your guests versus wedding gifts. Sure, beautiful silverware is excellent to have, but a fabulous honeymoon is much better. Think about all the memories that you’ll create and share. If each guest contributes, then you may be able to have a free honeymoon, or at least you’ll save a significant amount. 

Narrow Down Your Guest List

Your guest list determines how expensive your kosher wedding will be, especially when it comes to kosher catering. Preparing food for 50 guests is much different than preparing guests for 100 guests. So it makes sense to figure out who matters to you the most. The golden rule is not to invite people to your wedding that you haven’t seen in years, (even if your parents want you to). 

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