Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Just like no two snowflakes are the same, no two weddings are the same either. As the landscape transforms from the orange-hued fall to the frosty wonderland of winter, it is important to plan your wedding accordingly. Everyone wants their big day to be perfect, but with unpredictable winter weather and other possible bumps in the road, it can be difficult to ensure perfection. Fortunately with lots of planning and the help of some winter wedding planning tips, you can come close to it.


A winter wedding is a fun theme for you and your guests.

Save the date early

Winter is jam-packed with holidays, vacations, and expenses for your guests so give them plenty of notice if you to ensure their attendance. It is a busy time of the year and people will likely already have commitments if you wait too long before sending out Save the Dates. For a budget friendly and schedule conscious way to give your guests plenty of notice send your Save the Date out electronically and then send out a formal invitation closer to the day.

Plan earlier

Along the same note, make sure you are contacting your suppliers and venues farther in advance too. Although weddings are not in full bloom throughout winter, there are plenty of other holidays filling that void and keeping the hospitality business as busy as ever. In between Christmas and New Years alone, they will have less availability the closer to wait to contact them. Booking entertainment and catering early, in particular, is crucial for a winter wedding.

Consider your surroundings

In the spring, summer, and fall, an outdoor wedding is completely doable but in the dead of winter, you may have to consider another option. Additionally, there’s less light in winter. Expect to begin losing light around 3pm so an earlier wedding may be the way to go, especially if any of it is outside. Really consider the season when planning everything. For example, guests will likely have large coats in winter so make sure to secure a venue with a coat closet.

Play up winter with catering

Embrace the season through your menu by picking foods that are warming and seasonal—foods that scream winter. For cocktail hour, consider a warm alcohol beverage as another way to warm up guests. Or add a hot chocolate bar to your dessert offerings.

Celebrate winter and love with a winter wedding—but don’t forget to plan out all the details so your big day can sparkle like freshly fallen snow.

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