Tips for Catering a Kid-Friendly Event

How to please the pickiest kid at your next event

Whether you are planning a bar mitzvah or wedding, you need to factor in children into the catering order.  Kids are notorious for being picky eaters, especially if they are at an with mostly adults and they are being served “fine-dining” food.  It is important to plan a meal that pleases a majority of your guests so people do not leave hungry.  The first step in planning the food and drink menu for your event is picking the perfect caterer!

Decide on a Budget

A big factor in making your event kid-friendly is the amount of you want, or can, spend on catering.  Every caterer has different packages for food orders and some have separate packages that are specifically designed for children.  So, if you want to serve a couple options such as chicken fingers and pizza, it all depends on your budget.  The number of food options you want to serve in general depends on your budget as well.

Have Food That is Easy to Eat

Whether you want to have a separate children’s menu or not, serve food that kids can eat easy and simply.  Finger food are the best option whether it’s french fries or healthier choices like green beans and grilled chicken.  If the food is made well and they can consume it with no issues, then they will be more likely to eat whatever you serve.  A good tip is to make sure the children enjoy the easy to eat appetizers, then they will be more likely to eat the main meal.

Be Aware of Food-Allergies

If you are planning event that is going to be attended by a majority of children, such as a bat/bar mitzvah, it is important to be knowledgeable of any food or drink allergies.  Consult with the guests parents about their child’s food restrictions and plan accordingly.  Common allergies include anything containing nuts or dairy.  Be sure your caterer is aware of the food restrictions and label all food options, especially if they include common allergens.  


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