The Wedding Reception: The Best Part of the Wedding

The Wedding Reception: The Best Part of the Wedding Catering by Alan Weiss

The wedding reception is the most fun part of a wedding

Quite frankly, the wedding reception is the best part of the wedding or at least the most fun part. During this part of the wedding, guests eat delicious food, dance their hearts out, and marvel at heartwarming and hilarious speeches. Today we’re going to go over some reception planning tips. 

Visit the Venue Often

Ideally, the wedding ceremony and reception take place at the same venue. This concept is indeed convenient, especially for guests that don’t have easy access to transportation. It’s understandable to spend quite a bit of time in the location of the wedding ceremony. But don’t forget the reception space either. You’ll able to get a sense of the room and how you want the decor. Ask to see pictures of other wedding receptions. You will be able to see what has worked exceptionally well (and not so well, depending on your style preference) in the past. Don’t neglect entryways and stairways. You can highlight these areas with lighting, flowers, and other wedding decorations. 

Choose Complementary Colors

When you visit your venue, pay attention to the colors in the room. Based on this, you can pick complementary colors for subtle accents such as centerpieces, ribbons, linens, flowers, or other types of decor. You can even use this color scheme for your invitations. The point is that themed weddings to any degree work! Complementary colors can help you bring the entire wedding reception full circle. 

The Little Things Such as Lighting Matters

Lighting may seem like a minuscule part of a wedding reception, but it matters. It matters because you want the best pictures. An established photographer can bring their accent lighting, but remember that lighting also sets the tone and mood for the wedding and wedding reception. Dim lights are warm and romantic. Candles create the ultimate romantic ambiance. Brighter lighting, especially on the dancefloor, creates a lot of energy in the atmosphere. Beautiful lights can motivate guests to get on the dance floor. 

Consider These Small, But Effective Touches

  • Offer guests food options later in the evening such as light sandwiches or small desserts (dancing burns a lot of energy)
  • Sit a basket of flip flops or slippers by the dancefloor 
  • Have mints and towelettes in the bathrooms

If you undeniably want a fantastic wedding reception, then reach out to us today. Our wedding planning and catering expertise will benefit you tenfold. 

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