The Hidden Fees of your Wedding: Part 2

Wedding-SavingsAs we discussed last week, it is no surprise that a wedding can be costly, but there are some surprise costs to look out for. While there are obvious costs that come with a wedding, there are other hidden fees that most couples aren’t aware of until it is too late. In order to stay within your budget and avoid surprise costs, here are some potential hidden fees to be aware of.

  1. Rental Transportation- While you may assume that your chair or table rental company will include transportation within their final fee that is not always the case. To avoid a hidden fee, ask your company before signing a contract if they charge for transportation and how much.
  2. Cut and Cork-If you choose to go with an outside baker or liquor provider than the one provided by your venue, you could be looking at cutting and corkage fees. This is because you are adding additional steps for the venue staff. If you are considering going with outside services, talk with your venue about possible fees.
  3. Non-Approvals- While most venues provide a list of preferred caterers, DJs, and photographers, it is not always necessary that you use one. However, some venues do add a fee for using services that aren’t necessarily approved. This is to cover any possible damages caused by the unfamiliar service.
  4. Gratuity and Taxes- While having to pay taxes isn’t a major surprise, many couples forget to include the taxes in their budgets. They also forget to factor in the gratuities for different services as well. Be sure to factor in these costs as you create your wedding budget and always estimate higher rather than lower.
  5. Clean Up- If you are paying for a venue in its entirety, cleanup cost is probably already included within your final price. However, if you are simply renting the space and using other outside services, there could be a fee for cleanup services.


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