Technology Commandments for Rockville Brides

rockville-wedding-technologyRockville brides know there is much to do when planning their wedding. With so much technology available to them, many brides have no qualms placing a large amount of their wedding faith in technology, whether it be applications for a phone or a website you scroll through during your lunch break. While there are plenty of ways technology can help you plan your Rockville wedding, The Knot recommends that brides should stick to these six technology commandments.

  1. Pinning is not planning- Pinterest has changed the way most of us plan anything. Whether it’s a party, a wedding, or a shower, there’s always a board on Pinterest to look out. While this can be great to begin gathering ideas, there will come a time when the board must become a reality.
  2. An iPhone is not a professional photographer- Your iPhone camera may be great for capturing a moment for Instagram, but you don’t want to use one as your only source for wedding pictures. An iPhone camera won’t produce high quality images while your friend behind the camera may not be able to capture every moment.
  3. Facebook is not the same as a traditional invite-While creating an event on Facebook may seem more convenient and cheaper than paper invites, not everyone has a Facebook. Facebook can also leave more room for hurt feelings if your guest list doesn’t include everyone on your friends list.
  4. Think before you vent online- Venting your issues online may make you feel better for as moment, but it can also paint you in a negative light if the public gains access to it. If you need to vent, vent in person to a friend.
  5. Your phone should not store your dress- If you want your dress to be a surprise on your special day, avoid keeping pictures on your phone. If you want a picture, have a family member keep a picture on their phone.
  6. Beware of cheap online dresses- For some brides, finding a cheaper wedding dress is a major goal. However, an extremely cheap dress online could be too good to be true. To prevent any problems with your dress, head to an actual store to ensure you are getting a quality dress.

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