How to Plan the Perfect Office Holiday Party

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Are you prepared for the office parties?

Decorations are hung on your cubicles with care with hopes that a holiday bonus we’ll be there, visions of vacation days are dancing in your head, and you are hoping to be on the nice list this year.  If you are ready for the perfect office holiday party this year, a little bit of planning and some awesome kosher catering will do the trick! Here are some tips for planning the perfect office holiday party that will leave everyone feeling festive.

Start with the Basics

Just like with planning any type of party, you should knock out some basic planning steps first:

  • When will you host your party? Remember that caterers might have higher availability on non-weekends and non-Fridays, so take that into account when planning.
  • Who will be invited? Is the party just for workers in your office or will it include clients or family members?
  • Where will you host your party? Choose a venue that is close to your office to ensure that as many people can attend as possible.
  • What will the theme be? You can opt for a simple office holiday party theme or have a fun theme like winter wonderland.

Choose Your Menu

Once you knock out the basics, it’s time to make some important menu choices:

  • What can you do that satisfies everyone? Catering by Alan Weiss offers kosher catering so that everyone will be happy! We have a huge and varied menu that can satisfy the simplest or most exotic tastes.
  • Will you be serving alcohol? Many people think that alcohol is synonymous with office holiday parties, but a dry celebration can be just as much fun.

Get Down to the Details

Now that the major decisions have been made, there are a couple things left to decide:

  • What will the entertainment be? You can do a wine tasting, cookie decorating party, or have karaoke for a fun office holiday party.
  • Will you need to rent any equipment? Depending on where you are hosting the party, you might need to rent tables or chairs in advance.
  • What is your timeline? Last but definitely not least, set up a timeline or schedule for the day of the event and the holiday party itself.

Catering for Your Perfect Office Holiday Party

When you are ready to host a gathering this holiday season, there is no better way to do it than with kosher Catering by Alan Weiss. We offer exception service, delicious kosher cuisine, and event planning for larger gatherings. We have a 19-page menu with various kosher delights for you to choose from, so your guests with food allergies won’t feel left out at all. To get more information and see our menu, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 394-8338 or (800) 459-0009. For more tips and interesting articles, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

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