New Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding-Cake-TrendsThe wedding cake is one of the most highlighted portions of the wedding reception. Many couples spend hours and hours tasting and debating their wedding cake. Here are some of the newest trends surrounding the wedding cake.

  1. Naked- Instead of covering your entire wedding cake in icing, keep the icing in between your layers. Use fresh fruits to help decorate the outside of your cake for a more natural look.
  2. Chocolate- Never feel like you should limit your chocolate cravings when it comes to your wedding cake.
  3. More than One- Instead of having only one large cake for the couple to cut and enjoy, opt for a number of smaller cakes for each table to enjoy. This also allows you to play around with different flavor combinations.
  4. Stand- Be adventurous when displaying your wedding cake. Incorporate your own style or continue with your set theme when decorating the table or stand your wedding cake will be placed on.
  5. Quotes- Choose a quote that best describes your love and have it piped onto the sides of your cake. This could be a movie line, a lyric, or a quote from a poem.
  6. Sweeter is Better- Do you have a serious sweet tooth? Use your wedding cake to showcase that! Use truffles to decorate the outside of your wedding cake, or use your wedding cake as a centerpiece to a fully stocked dessert bar.
  7. Shapes- Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be round. Play around with the idea of a different shaped cake, such a square or a hexagon.


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