Mazel Tov! Jewish Wedding Traditions and Rituals

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Jewish weddings are full of traditions and rituals that hold meaning for your family and your spiritual family. Here are some of the most popular Jewish wedding traditions and rituals that you can incorporate into your wedding!

Blessing the Challah

The wedding meal traditionally begins with a blessing over the challah bread. A special guest, your parents, or your partner’s parents can say a blessing to get the reception and meal started on the right foot. Jewish catering through Catering by Alan Weiss can offer delicious traditional braided challah for your wedding and all of your traditions.

S’eudah Mitzvah

This is the part of your Jewish wedding reception that involves all of the delicious Jewish catering! Chicken and fish are traditional symbols of fertility and frequently served at Jewish weddings. The traditional first course is Sutlach, a sweet rice pudding created from honey, almonds, and coconut milk. It is meant to show the prosperous and wonderful life the couple will share together.

Some couples worry that sticking to kosher catering will limit their options, but with Catering by Alan Weiss that will never be the case. Everything from delicious seared salmon to rosemary chicken with potatoes can be created to suit your tastes and the tastes of your guests. Our menu is extensive and designed to make everyone happy.

The Hora

This dance is what just about everyone thinks of when they think of a Jewish wedding. This is a chair dance, where some guests hold the bride and groom above the crowd while the song “Hava Nagila” plays. All of the excited wedding guests dance around them to celebrate the marriage and their entrance into a new part of their lives. The Hora makes a great photo or video opportunity for guests looking to observe.

Catering for Jewish Weddings and Every Wedding

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