Kosher Catering for Your Washington, D.C. Business Event

Your business event in Washington, D.C. can look this delicious, too!

Your business event in Washington, D.C. can look this delicious, too!

This being Spring, we’ve devoted a lot of time recently discussing options for upcoming weddings. And it’s surely a topic we’ll return to as Summer approaches and wedding become more imminent. This week, though, we’re reminded that the wheels of industry continue to turn and there is no shortage of businesses who need catering.

Planning a business conference in Washington, D.C. is nobody’s idea of a good time. While a conference provides your employees with an opportunity to mingle and network with established and potential clients, and the reputation of your business will continue to grow as you place your best foot forward, the effort involved in making it just exactly perfect can provide days or even weeks of extreme stress.

You don’t need it. You need to ensure that the benefits of a business conference are maximized and the chances for trouble as close to zero as humanly possible.  Which is where Catering by Alan Weiss comes in. If you are planning your next business conference, or if this is your first time hosting one, there are a few simple steps to keep in mind for maximum catering positivity.

The Planning Process with Kosher Catering

Begin the planning process sooner rather than later. Choose a date that allows you at least six months’ worth of planning time. A year might seem like too long to wait, but the extra time could relieve some of the pressure you may feel when planning.

Determine a budget and stick to it. There is never a reason to break the bank when holding a conference.

Once a date has been set, start considering the broad concepts of the conference. Choose a layout, theme, and guest list. Decide what type of food you would like to be served and contact Catering by Alan Weiss.

Work with a party planner from Catering by Alan Weiss to help create a conference that suits your needs. Our team is here to help your conference run smoothly and professionally. Determine if you would prefer a sit down dinner with your conference or if you would rather have food stations.

Determine and agenda for the conference and look into hiring a speaker for the event.

 Catering by Alan Weiss

With Catering by Alan Weiss, your business conference will run smoothly no matter what you choose. Our wait staff is trained and prepared to handle a formal sit down dinner while our chefs are prepared to prepare food for several food stations in a buffet style dinner. Our on-site party planners are available to assist you with not only your dinner, but the theme of your business conference as well. When you choose Catering by Alan Weiss, you are not just choosing a kosher caterer, but a professional event team. Our 19 page menu is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, so rest easy in knowing all taste buds will be catered to with Catering by Alan Weiss.

Want to learn more about our services for your business conference? Call us today at 443-394-8338, or visit our contact page.

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