Jewish Wedding Traditions

Jewish Wedding

Within the Jewish community, a wedding is one of the most precious and celebrated ceremonies within the culture. A Jewish wedding is exciting and a wonderful time of celebration for the couple, family, and friends. In today’s society, wedding trends continue to become more extravagant and involved. While planning your Jewish wedding, it’s important to remember the traditions that come with the celebration.

  1. The bride and groom traditionally avoid seeing each other the week before their Jewish wedding.
  2. A couple’s wedding day is considered to be their own personal Yom Kippur. This is a day of celebration and happiness, along with a day of asking for spiritual forgiveness and atonement.
  3. On the day of their wedding, a couple is expected to fast from the break of dawn till the end of their wedding ceremony. This is another symbol of repenting for their sins before their wedding.
  4. The rings given during the Jewish wedding ceremony are to be simple and plain, which symbolizes the marriage being uncomplicated and pure.
  5. On the Saturday before the wedding, the bride is celebrated during a Shabbat kallah celebration. No men are allowed to attend, but any woman within the community is welcome. This celebration is to help the bride prepare for her special day and rid herself of stress or anxiety.
  6. While in many cultures, a bride is unveiled by her father once she reaches her husband at the altar. During a Jewish wedding, a husband will instead veil his bride. This is to symbolize that beauty is not important to a marriage.
  7. During the Jewish wedding ceremony, the couple stands underneath a chuppah, which symbolizes the first roof they will share together.
  8. Before a wedding, two important documents must be signed. The tena’im must be signed to symbolize the official engagement of the couple. Because of the strictness of the document, most couples will not sign the document until the day of their wedding. The groom must then sign a Ketubah, which is his promise to his wife. This document is to be made available to the wife at all times during the marriage.


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