Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

Both indoor and outdoor weddings could be great. Which one is better for you?

Both indoor and outdoor weddings could be great. Which one is better for you?

So, you’re engaged. First off, congratulations! But, there’s a lot to get done in the next few months. Planning a wedding can seem impossible without help. You’re in luck because we are here to help you! The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. Both venues have great benefits that come with a couple of disadvantages. Let’s figure out if an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding is right for you and your significant other!


Decorating can be tough! Often times, you need a lot more decorating than you might have originally thought. One advantage of having an outdoor wedding is that you won’t need to have as many decorations. Nature is your backdrop! That being said, it can also be tricky to find the right decorations to go with the feel of the outdoors. With an indoor venue, you can choose any color pallet and decor that you might desire. Overall when it comes to guests, they can often times feel more comfortable out in the open space of the outdoors.


An outdoor wedding is definitely risky business when it comes to weather. Often times, you won’t know until the day of if there is going to be bad weather. But, if there is great weather, the wedding could be more beautiful than you ever imagined. There are a few options to consider, like tents or moving the wedding inside at the last minute. Obviously, with an indoor wedding, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to inclement weather.

The Menu

Food. In the eyes of a lot of your guests, food is the most important part of your wedding. You need to consider what type of catering you want for your wedding before deciding on an indoor or outdoor wedding. With an indoor wedding, the menu possibilities are essentially endless since you won’t need to worry about keeping anything hot or cold. You also won’t need to worry about bugs getting into the food if you decide on an indoor wedding.

Which Venue Should You Choose?

As you can tell, there is a lot to discuss about both indoor wedding venues and outdoor ones. Both options are great. You just need to decide which is best for you! If you love the outdoors, then it might be a good idea to risk the weather and plan the wedding outside. If you’re a worry wart or don’t want to deal with the bugs, an indoor setting might be better for you. Whichever venue you choose, your wedding is going to be as beautiful as you’ve dreamed it will be!

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