How to Keep From Going Crazy When Catering a Large Party

Hire us to cater your next large party, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming

For some people, throwing a large party, wedding, or gathering is exciting. For others, it may drive them crazy as it relates to catering for several reasons. For one, trying to organize an event involving a lot of people is stressful within itself. Two, you want all of your many guests to be satisfied with the menu. Then, people may have dietary restrictions or merely be picky eaters. Well, we’re here to keep you from going crazy. We’re a catering company that knows what we’re doing, yes, even when there’s a large party involved. Keep reading for catering tips on how to keep from going crazy when having a large party.

Organization is Crucial 

Hosting a large party involves being organized. That means having your handy dandy notebook within reach, or a spreadsheet on your computer works too. Use them to make a list of every detail that you deem to be significant. These details may include a timeline countdown, a food list, and your guest list. Most importantly, keep tabs on your budget every step of the way. 

Create a Simple Menu That Your Large Party Will Love

Your menu should be simple. We can help you determine how much of each food is necessary to make sure that your guests aren’t hungry and can go for seconds. Also, think about the demographics of your guests. Most teenagers love to indulge in food and may even outeat adults at the party. You also have to think about what foods are a fan favorite. For example, people may be more likely to go for the burgers at your party than a salad. If most of your guests are vegetarians, then this may not be the case. Either way, you should have an abundance of popular foods.

Keep the Venue in Mind

Catering involves more than having a fantastic menu. How your caterer lays out the food matters as well. If your venue is small, a buffet-style dinner is not ideal. For a large party, it may be better for caterers to serve your guests. This way, you and your caterers can control the portion sizes and timing of the event. Also, buffet-style dinners cause a lot of messy foot-traffic. When dealing with a large party, things are bound to go unplanned sometimes. To stop from going crazy, allow a little wiggle room for the unexpected.

Catering by Alan Weiss

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