How to Cater to Children with a Kid-Friendly Menu

Children enjoying a kid-friendly menu

Catering to children can be challenging, especially at weddings, which generally cater to adults. It makes sense to invest in a kid-friendly menu in the case of a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah because this special occasion celebrates a boy turning 13 and a girl turning 12. However, how do you choose kid-friendly food that your flower girl or ring bearer will love? It’s also not uncommon for employees to bring their children to corporate parties, especially if they are holiday-themed. Children can be very picky. Here is how to cater to children with a kid-friendly menu in mind. 

Incorporate Common Foods Into the Catering Menu

Quite frankly, adults can be just as picky as adults. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with serving some common foods. Foods that most people enjoy are chicken tenders, chicken noodle soup, a simple salad, pasta, turkey sandwiches, and much more. You can also take your attentiveness a step further and ask your child what their favorite foods are as well as asking other parents to do the same. Even at an event catered towards adults, children still matter.

Serve Food That’s Not Hard to Eat

Because some kids are picky, getting them to eat in general is difficult, especially when they’re young. Make things easier on them by serving food that’s not tough to swallow. Finger foods, green beans, and applesauce fall under this category. 

Get Creative 

Hiring a catering company like us not only means that the food will be delicious, but our chefs are creative. If you want to cater to children, we can make the food visually appealing. Cooking is an art form, and we can take that literally if you’d like. We can design the menu in a way that will foster a child’s imagination.

Experimentation is Okay

Along with serving common foods that everyone will love, serving an exotic dish or two is acceptable, especially if it’s your wedding day. You have to please your taste buds first before anyone else’s. Also, some children are more adventurous than adults and are willing to try new food. A mixture of food staples and exotic dishes will please both picky eaters and people that enjoy expanding their taste palette. 

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