How Did the Catering Industry Come to Be?

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In 2019, the catering industry is thriving, booming, and prevalent. Can you imagine a wedding or corporate event without catering involved? It comes second-nature for most people to hire a caterer to help them prepare for a special occasion, but how did the catering industry emerge? How did it come to be? Today we’ll share with you a brief history of the catering industry. 

The 4th Millennium

The history of catering dates back to the 4th millennium BC in China. Ancient Greeks turned catering into a trade by offering catering services at their inns and hostels, which lasted into the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, primarily Kings and Noblemen used catering services for their feasts and banquets. However, in regards to the United States, catering goes back to the founding of the United States. Here is some American history about the catering industry. 


The earliest account of catering services was in 1778 when Caesar Cranshell decided to celebrate the departure of British General William Howe. This ball took place in Philadelphia. 


Around 1820, the catering industry started to become profitable. African Americans made it prominent. In the early stages of catering, caterers were both waiters and other restaurant staff. 


Entrepreneur Robert Bogle became known as the originator of catering. At that point, catering became profitable because people could now personalize their food options. A lot of restaurants began to add catering services into their business model. 


Many catering businesses started to proportion their food to help with World War II. During World War II, a lot of catering businesses thrived and looked forward to the booming market. 

1960-the Early 2000’s 

During the 1960s, homecooked meals started to become less popular. Because of World War II, people became used to eating together in public. In the 1970s, as more women went into the workforce, catering became more popular. Homemakers attempted to run catering businesses from their homes but did not have the room to do so. Instead, they brought their food to events and parties. Over the decades, the catering industry standard compared to that of a five-star restaurant.


Nowadays, it’s rare to see a restaurant that does not offer catering services as well. However, the beauty of a catering company that separates itself from restaurant services is that we provide more than a restaurant does. We help you plan an event and will provide many, if not all, of the services that will help your event run smoothly. 

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