Hiring a Caterer: Things to Keep in Mind

Hiring a catering company will ensure that your event is a success

Hiring a caterer will make your life simpler for many reasons. For one, hosting a large party or event can be overwhelming without help. Hosting an event can be time-consuming and costly. Two, if the gathering is short notice, then you can count on a catering company to efficiently execute their culinary services. Even though hiring a caterer takes away some effort on your end, knowing precisely what you want will make a caterer’s job easier. We think that you keep these things in mind when hiring a caterer.

Know What Type of Meal You Need 

Catering prices vary depending on the type of meal you require. For example, hosting a sit-down dinner means that you will need staff to serve your guests. A buffet-style dinner means that your guests will help themselves. Therefore, depending on your budget, one type of dinner may benefit you more. It also depends on fancy the event is. 

Tell Your Caterer About Special Requests Right Away

If you’re interested in hiring a caterer for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, then this is something that the catering company should know right away. Because kosher catering involves special dietary needs and food preparation, then you don’t want to reveal this information to your caterer last minute. Here at Catering by Alan Weiss, we specialize in kosher catering, so if kosher catering is a must, then we have you covered. We can also prepare meals for your vegan or vegetarian guests or guests with food allergies.

Portfolios Paint a Picture of Past Events

Before hiring any catering company, make sure to check out their gallery. Click here to look at our photo gallery. If the food doesn’t appear appealing to you, then it most likely won’t taste appealing either. Taste tests are also helpful. You should know that you’re spending money on food that you’ll enjoy. Bring a picky guest with you to see if they enjoy the food. After all, they are the ones that you’re trying to please.

Are you thinking about hiring a catering company for your next event? Then, give us a call. Check our reviews on the net. You won’t be disappointed.

Catering by Alan Weiss

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