Healthy Catering Options to Consider

Healthy Catering Options to Consider Catering by Alan Weiss

Make sure to include a lot of vegetables for a healthy catering option.

Today we’ll be sharing some healthy catering options that you should consider. Most of these nutritious offerings will work well for any event, whether it be a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or a corporate event. Hearty options aren’t a bad idea whatsoever. After all, you do want your guests to be full. However, they can, indeed, make guests more lethargic. We’re going to break down some both healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner catering options. 

If Your Event is During the Morning 

If food high in nutritional value is what you’re looking for, we suggest that you put the pastries away. Protein should always be a factor for the first meal of the day. Yogurt parfaits can be low in fat and high in protein. You can serve them with whole-wheat breakfast cereal, or granola is a common option. Seasonal fruit is always a tasty option, and throwing in walnuts adds fuel for your brainpower. 

Breakfast wraps are also very healthy. Think egg whites and a serving of onions, tomatoes, and green peppers wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla. This catering option is super convenient because guests can use one hand to take a few bites out of this deliciousness. Are any vegans going to be at your event? Peanut butter and banana wraps with dried raisins and apricots are an alternative that your vegan family, friends, or coworkers may find delectable. 

If Your Event is Going to Be During the Afternoon or Evening 

We recommend considering a grilled lean mean, grilled or roasted vegetables, and a garden salad with a side of brown rice for hot meals. For a colder meal, sandwiches and salads are always a staple. Both are excellent options, but you have to watch how you supplement them if you want healthier benefits to take effect. For your sandwich options, make sure that you incorporate whole-wheat bread or tortillas. Low-fat cheese and condiment options keep the calories away. For salads, make sure there are more vegetables than high-fat cheese, dressings with high-fat intake, croutons, and meats. In other words, a fully-balanced salad with a lot of vegetables gives you a lot of energy. 

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