Handling a Reception Seating Crisis

Reception-SeatingAs you plan your wedding day, one of the main areas of focus is on your wedding reception. While you plan your meal, song list, and decide on your cake, you are also worrying about your guest list and creating a seating chart. Once you have figured out your reception seating, you may believe that there is no room for error. However, every bride will tell you that there can always be a reception seating crisis. Here are some problems that may arise with your reception seating and how to handle the situation.

  1. An Unannounced Date- There are many occasions when a guest who sent in a RSVP for one arrives at the reception with a date on their arm. In anticipation of such a situation occurring, plan your reception seating with an extra table. This extra table will allow you to move guests who have dates to an open area where they will be comfortable. Have extra seat cards and a pen handy at the reception venue to assign the date their seat.
  2. Wandering Guests- If you have a large guest list, it can become difficult for some to find their seat. The longer it takes for seats to be found, the more likely your schedule will be thrown off. Choose friends or family not included in the wedding party to guide guests to their tables to keep your reception on schedule.
  3. Hurt Feelings- There is always that one friend or family member that gets to their table and feels offended because of the number. To eliminate this problem, consider choosing themes or songs for your reception seating instead of the traditional numbers. This will make seating fun and will eliminate the potential “hierarchy” that numbered tables could pose.


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