Embracing Wedding Reception Disasters

Wedding-Reception-DisastersWhile every bride and groom picture their wedding reception going off without a hitch, perfection is not always possible. Some things happen that are beyond the control of anyone attending the wedding reception. While some brides might find these disasters discouraging on their wedding day, sometimes it’s just easier to roll with the punches and embrace wedding reception disasters.

So what wedding reception disasters should you prepare yourself to embrace?

  1. Rain on your Wedding Day- Even though the forecast seems ideal for your special day, there is always a chance that Mother Nature will change her mind. Instead of breaking down at the sight of a rain drop, embrace the change in weather. Ask a member of your bridal party to run out and grab fun umbrellas while you ask your hairstylist if they would mind following you to your reception for touch ups. When your photographer is ready for pictures, grab a giant umbrella and rain boots for a fun photo session.
  2. Crazy Kids- Young nieces, nephews, and family friends can make the perfect flower girls and ring bearers, but they don’t always want to cooperate. A wedding is a long day for younger children and expecting them to sit still through a formal reception is expecting the impossible. To prevent any mishaps with children at your wedding reception, make your reception more child-friendly. Have child-friendly meals ready for dinner and provide entertainment, like coloring or a movie in a different room, to help your reception run more smoothly.
  3. Designated Drivers- While having a designated driver is easy when leaving a club; it can be a bit more difficult for a wedding reception. No one wants to be the odd-man-out during a fun wedding reception, which means worry for the bride and groom once everyone is leaving. Instead of worrying about your friends and family, consider renting a bus or driver to take guests to a nearby hotel after your wedding reception.


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