Choosing your Washington DC Kosher Caterer

Whether you are planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, or conference, a Washington DC caterer is essential to making your event a success. However, with so many caterers available throughout the Washington DC area, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.


The first step in choosing your Washington DC kosher caterer is to determine if they are within your set budget. If you are trying to stay true to an already established budget, you don’t want to continue with a caterer that will harm that plan. Discuss your budget with your Washington DC kosher caterer to determine if conversations should continue.

The next step in choosing your Washington DC kosher caterer is their menu. If the caterer fails to offer you a menu you enjoy, then your event will be lack luster. A Washington DC kosher caterer should be able to offer an extensive menu with an array of options to help please all of your guests. They should also be able to handle both a sit down or buffet style dinner, depending on what your event calls for.A Washington DC kosher caterer should also be able to provide you with planners and other helpful team members to help ensure your event runs smoothly and on time.



When you choose Catering by Alan Weiss, you are choosing the caterer with not only the most experience but also the caterer in the Washington DC region with the most comprehensive menu in kosher cuisine outside of New York City. Let our team of party planners, chefs, and waiters help with party details while you take care of the intimate details. Our team strives to make your special day the best it can be.

Catering by Alan Weiss specializes in kosher wedding catering along with kosher catering for bat/bar mitzvahs and conferences in the Washington DC area. Want to learn more about our wedding reception catering services for your upcoming special day? Call us today at 443-394-8338 or 800-459-0009. You can also call our Rockville number at 240-630-2555. You can also visit our contact page.

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