Choosing your Catered Dinner Style

dinner style Whether you are hosting a conference for your business associates, planning your child’s mitzvah celebration, or preparing to walk down the aisle, plenty of thought goes into planning an event. While there are small decisions to make like the color of the tablecloths or the types of favors to pass out, there are also large decisions to make regarding your event. These decisions can include where to hold your event and what kind of menu to have. While you begin to consider your menu, you must also consider the dinner style as well. In fact, the dinner style can also help you decide your final menu. The two main styles to choose from is a sit down or a stationed dinner.

Catered Dinner Style: Sit Down

This style of dinner is for more formal events. Guests will sit and be served by waiters. The menu is typically fixed and the food items can be chosen either at the time of the event or before the event takes place. The fixed menu typically includes the option of one of three appetizers, one of three to four entrees, and one of two or three desserts. This provides your guests with options without providing them with a full, restaurant style menu. If your event includes guests that are younger or have specific tastes in food, a sit down dinner could become more difficult.

Catered Dinner Style: Stations

This style of dinner is ideal for more casual and laid-back events. You are able to provide your guests with an array of menu options at different stations where they can come and go as they please. This style is beneficial when you have younger guests as well as guests who can have a pickier pallet. A larger menu tends to mean a better chance of all guests finding an item they will enjoy. If you have guests who can’t move around as easily or superior business associates, they may not appreciate the casual atmosphere.

Your Dinner Style with Catering by Alan Weiss

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