Choosing your Bat/Bar Mitzvah Dinner Style

When you are planning a bat/bar mitzvah for your child, you are faced with many important decisions. From themes to music to food, every detail needs to be planned in order to have a smooth and entertaining event. One of the decisions that needs to be made is the type of dinner you want to have for your event. Before you make your decision about the menu, think about having either a sit down dinner, or a stationed buffet. Think about your child and the guests that will be in attendance in order to make your decision.


Bat/Bar Mitzvah Sit Down

A sit down dinner is the more formal option for your bat/bar mitzvah dinner. If your family is expecting a more formal event, a sit down dinner will fit the atmosphere. A sit down dinner will also be a better choice if you wish to have a set menu with your guests eating at the same time. Create a menu with two or three options for appetizers and entrees for your guests to choose from. A sit down dinner could become difficult if you plan on having younger children in attendance for the bat/bar mitzvah. It could also be difficult to have a fixed menu if you have guests with allergies or with specific likes and dislikes.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah Buffet

A stationed buffet is the more casual option for your bat/bar mitzvah dinner. A stationed buffet allows you to offer a wide variety of food options in a fun and unique way. Instead of presenting your food in a straight line, use stations to keep foods in categories while helping to prevent lines. It will also allow your younger guests to come and go as they please while they enjoy the activities of the celebration. Your older guests may not appreciate the more casual atmosphere, but remember this is a day to celebrate your child.


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