Choosing your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

As you plan your wedding ceremony and reception, one of the biggest decisions you will make is your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is the most essential part of your wedding reception, so the pressure is on for couples to pick the perfect wedding venue. Here are some helpful tips when choosing your wedding venue.

  1. When looking at possibilities for your wedding venue, always keep your guest list in mind. Your wedding venue should have enough parking outside along with enough space inside to accommodate your guest list. If you are afraid there will be a problem with parking, ask the venue if they offer shuttle services for guests.
  2. Consider how important privacy is to you during your reception. If you choose a wedding venue outdoors near a public space, you risk having strangers intrude on your day. You might also want an area where you can be alone as a couple on your special day. Never be afraid to ask your wedding venue if they have accommodations for privacy.
  3. Consider the design, colors, and décor of your wedding venue. Your wedding venue doesn’t have to match your style perfectly, but you don’t want your colors to clash with your venue.
  4. Check the lighting of your venue. Depending on the time of day your wedding reception will take place, you want to ensure your wedding venue provides lighting that will make photographs a breeze.
  5. Be sure to think about the number of outlets available throughout the venue as well as the acoustics of the venue. You want to ensure your band, DJ, photographer, and caterer have enough electrical outlets to work from. You also don’t want the room to provide a large echo, which will make talking and music difficult.
  6. See if you wedding venue will accept outside caterers like Catering by Alan Weiss. Our staff has a list of venues and vendors we work with on a regular basis to ensure your special day runs smoothly and stress free.


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