Choosing your Wedding Cake

Wedding CakeOne of the most delicious decisions a bride and groom will make for their wedding day is their wedding cake. With so many options to choose from, a couple can become overwhelmed when trying to decide on their wedding cake. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting the process of finding your wedding cake:

  1. Talk with your groom about what you want from your cake. If you don’t have any idea going into the search, things could get frustrating very quickly. Talk about things such as size, colors, detailing, and of course, flavor. This will help your caterer create a cake that will make both of you happy.
  2. Conduct some research before talking to your caterer about the wedding cake. Learn what options you have when it comes to shape, flavors, and icing to help the process run smoothly and quickly.
  3. Determine what aspects of your cake you aren’t willing to compromise with. Begin the process of finding your wedding cake knowing that the more detail you request; the more expensive the wedding cake will end up being.
  4. Always conduct taste tests of your wedding cake options before making a final decision. While some flavors may sound delicious and the fondant may look pretty, you could find yourself not enjoying the taste. Ultimately, your wedding cake should be a delicious dessert for you, your groom, and your guests to enjoy. This means you should never sacrifice the taste of your wedding cake.


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