Choosing your Bridal Party

Bridal Party

One of the biggest decisions a bride will make leading up to her big day is her bridal party. The bridal party should be a group of people who will help make the bride’s wedding day even more special. Here are some tips for when you choose the members of your bridal party:

  1. Wait to ask- Never ask the first friends that happen to enter your head at the time. Your bridal party should include friends and family that are not only important to you, but will help keep you sane as the day gets closer. While your first inclination is to ask every single friend you have, take your time to figure out who you truly want in your party.
  2. Reasonable expectations- Determine what part you want your bridal party to play in your special day. Some brides give their bridal party several responsibilities leading up to the wedding, while other brides simply want their bridal party to have fun on the wedding day.
  3. Consider wedding size- While there isn’t a set number for your bridal party, you should take the size of your overall wedding into consideration. If you have a small guest list, you don’t want a large bridal party to overwhelm them.
  4. Never feel obligated- Just because you were a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding doesn’t mean you have to reciprocate the action. If you don’t have enough space for everyone, never make a decision you aren’t happy with because you feel obligated.
  5. Reliable and responsible- Choose those who are not only close to you, but reliable as well. Planning a wedding is a long and stressful process, so be surrounded with supportive friends.


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