Catering to Everyone: Understanding Common Food Allergies

Gluten Free Bread

Preparing food for all is a necessity!

Here at Catering by Alan Weiss, we take catering to everyone very seriously, whether it’s customizing a menu to food allergies, providing excellent kosher cuisine, or working with a huge range of clients throughout the holiday season. It can be difficult to decode different types of food allergies, so here is a basic run down of the most common ones.

Peanuts or Tree Nuts

Peanut allergies are some of the most common food allergies, and also some of the most severe. Many people with peanut allergies carry around epinephrine auto-injectors in case a reaction occurs, but restaurants and catering companies should always take peanut allergies seriously. Peanuts and tree nuts are not the same. Tree nuts are typically almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. and grow on trees. Tree nuts can also cause fatal reactions, and unlike peanut allergies, almost no children with tree nut allergies outgrow the condition.

Milk or Eggs

Milk allergies are the most common food allergies in infants and young kids and can range from severe reactions to small hives. Luckily, Catering by Alan Weiss has experience catering to vegan diets, which also require no milk or eggs be used. You may have heard of lactose intolerance, which is an intolerance to milk instead of an actual allergy. Egg allergies are the second most common food allergies in children and, like milk, it requires children to avoid anything even potentially made with eggs. Many children are able to outgrow their childhood egg allergies.


Wheat food allergies are also common in children and usually outgrown before too long. They can be very tricky to work around because wheat is in just about anything. Thanks to the predominance of the gluten free diet and adults with gluten intolerances, there are more options available for wheat-free customers than ever before. If you look at our catering menu, you have countless gluten-free options to choose from.

Catering to Everyone: Even You!

When you are ready to host a gathering this holiday season, there is no better way to do it than with kosher Catering by Alan Weiss. We offer exceptionional service, delicious kosher cuisine, and event planning for larger gatherings. We have a 19-page menu with various kosher delights for you to choose from, so your guests with food allergies won’t feel left out at all. To get more information and see our menu, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 394-8338 or (800) 459-0009. For more tips and interesting articles, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

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