Can My Dessert Menu be Strictly Kosher?


Is is easy to keep your dessert menu as kosher as everything else!

Easily! It is very simple to keep desserts kosher at any event, when you make use of the expertise of an expert kosher caterer. Keeping kosher is not just a way of eating and cooking, but a way of life. A caterer who both understands and respects this can provide you with a wide variety of delicious dessert options. Kosher catering can give you one less thing to worry about when executing the event of your dreams.

Why Is Hiring Kosher Catering Important?

If you or a vast number of your guest keep kosher, it is important to provide food that everyone can enjoy at your event. Dining together is an inclusive and enjoyable experience where memories are made. If you do not take care to make sure all of your guest can participate, not all of them will have the best possible experience at your event. Every single kosher dinner and dessert dish comes from a healthy source and is food-allergy friendly and vegetarian friendly, as kosher dishes do not include shellfish, soy, or gluten. Kosher food can improve any holiday party or event.

Kosher Desserts Are Diverse And Delicious

While kosher food may conjure a certain image or a certain type of food, modern kosher cooking is as innovative as any other cuisine. From old classic dessert staples, to twists on modern confections, kosher catering provides numerous dessert options. This can include everything from classics like drozdzowka (a Polish yeast plum cake), Jewish apple cake, macaroons, hammantaschen, and comforting kugel. While these classics are always delicious, you can also appease the sweet tooth of someone with a more contemporary sweet tooth with kosher chocolate chip cookies, pies, souffles, cupcakes, tarts, and more.

Catering By Alan Weiss

When you choose Catering by Alan Weiss, you are choosing the caterer with not only the most experience but also the caterer in the Rockville region with the most comprehensive menu in kosher cuisine outside of New York City. Let our team of party planners, chefs, and waiters help with party details while you take care of the intimate details. Our team strives to make your special day the best it can be.

Catering by Alan Weiss specializes in kosher wedding catering along with kosher catering for bat/bar mitzvahs and conferences in the Rockville area. Want to learn more about our catering services for your upcoming special day? Call us today at 443-394-8338 or 800-459-0009. You can also call our Rockville number at 240-630-2555. You can also visit our contact page.

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