How Can I Choose the Right Caterer For My Event?

Learn how you can pick the best catering company for your event!

With so many different catering companies to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right fit. This week, we’re sharing a few helpful tips for finding the best caterer for your Maryland event. Let’s explore.

Narrow it Down

Whenever a choice becomes overwhelming, start by narrowing down your list. Eliminate the catering companies that are out of your price range or don’t comply with your dietary restrictions. This is an easy place to start, as you’re bound to cross off at least one or two.

Preview the Menu

Decide what sort of menu you would like to serve at your event and the manner in which it’s served. Would you prefer a formal sit-down meal, buffet, or appetizers? Many catering companies may not even offer your preferred meal service which means you can take them off of your list.

Dietary Restrictions

If your guests have dietary restrictions, it’s important to find a catering company that can meet your needs. For example, if your menu calls for Kosher fare, ensure that your catering company serves certifiable Kosher cuisine.

Quality of Service

The best way to observe the quality of a catering company’s service is to attend an event they are catering. Ask the party planner if you can attend a section of the event, and observe how the staff handles the execution of the appetizers, dinner, etc. The service at your event will speak just as loudly as the main course!

Kosher Catering by Alan Weiss

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