Bridesmaids: How to Help your Bride


When brides as their close friends to be their bridesmaids, they often just want to be surrounded by the ladies in their life on their special day. However, there are many times when the bridesmaids aren’t sure what they can do to help their blushing bride, which could cause problems closer to the wedding. Here are some easy ways for bridesmaids to assist their brides for their wedding.

  1. Make a party out of handling the wedding invitations. Gather the bridesmaids at a time and place that is convenient for your bride to address and stuff the envelopes. Ask everyone to bring a snack and make a day out of a possibly stressful job for the bride.
  2. Offer to create gift baskets for guests that will be visiting from out of state. Depending on when the guests will arrive, include a fun letter, map of the area, souvenirs, and a list of activities the guests can enjoy days before the wedding.
  3. Help keep the bride’s mind off the big day. Use a night out on the town as a distraction from the stress of the wedding.
  4. Be her eyes and ears before and during the wedding. Offer to talk to her vendor, caterer, and entertainment to ensure everything is running smoothly. During the reception, help guide her to guests she has yet to see. She will be pulled in every direction during the ceremony, so being a buffer will help her navigate the crowd.
  5. Do a final walk through at the end of the reception. Help carry gifts to the car or limo and escort any guests outside if needed. Walk around the venue to see if any decorations, gifts, or miscellaneous items were left.


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