Bat/Bar Mitzvah Guests: Keeping them Happy


When you are throwing a bat/bar mitzvah for your child, you may feel like you are being pulled in several directions at once. The planning process can be exhausting, and once the big day finally arrives, you may not be sure what to do exactly. When hosts blunder, bat/bar mitzvah guests tend to become disappointed in the event. In order to prevent any disgruntled bat/bar mitzvah guests, begin the day with your child in mind and keep these tips in the back of your head:

  • Greet and speak to each guest throughout the event. As guests begin to enter your party area, thank them for coming to celebrate your child’s special day. Throughout the party, stop and speak to each guest. If you know that some guests are shy, make an effort to help them feel comfortable and introduce them to other guests who might share common interests. Avoid speaking with one or two guests more often than others to avoid hurting the feelings of your guests. Be sure to emphasize that guests should say farewell before leaving so you can thank them once again.
  • Provide seating throughout the room of your bat/bar mitzvah. While the younger guests will most likely spend the time dancing and playing, parents and family members may want to take the time to sit and catch up.
  • Always have some type of music playing in the background while keeping your guests in mind. While you want to cater to the taste of your child and their friends, be sure to include a song or two that the adults would like to hear. You can have the children ask their parents to come out and dance with them.
  • Serve delicious food with Catering by Alan Weiss. If you attempt to make the food yourself, you run the risk of running out of food or serving something that your guests will not enjoy.


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