Basic Wedding Etiquette 101

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Consider these thoughts before you say “I do”

Whether you’ve been dreaming and planning your wedding since you were a little girl or finally sitting down to figure wedding planning out, there are many different mistakes you can make along the way. Here are some basic wedding etiquette tips to allow you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

Updating Your Status

When you get engaged, it’s incredibly exciting. Many people can’t wait to tell everyone, so their first instinct is to update their status on social media. Instead of telling the whole world first, let your closest family and friends know. If at all possible, tell them in person or over Skype so that you can enjoy the moment together.

Keep Your Wedding Invitations Registry-Free

We know weddings are expensive. We know it’s tempting to print your registry information right on the invitations to get more gifts or money. However, you should never mention any expectation of a gift on the invitations. Your wedding should be about including your guests as part of your special day, not trying to see how many items you can get in your new kitchen. That doesn’t mean you can’t creatively ask for gifts, however, by making a wedding website and including the information there.

Time is Ticking

If you have a ceremony and reception at two different locations, try your hardest to minimize the time in between the two. If you can take your wedding photos before the wedding (even just the family ones of each side) or come up with a schedule to help move everything along quickly, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If your guests will need to wait around a while, have a cocktail hour with snacks to keep them occupied.

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