An Outdoor Wedding in Baltimore? Piece of (Kosher) Cake, Hon!


You can have an incredibly successful outdoor wedding in Baltimore with the right planning!

During the fast-approaching summer months, an outdoor wedding is a possibility for many brides in Baltimore. Despite the heat and humidity and chances of rain, there are plenty of ways to accomplish an outdoor wedding the way you have always dreamed. However, some may think that an outdoor wedding is too much to undertake. Use these tips to have a successful outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Five Tips to Have a Successful Outdoor Wedding in Baltimore

  1. Use a wedding planner for your Baltimore Outdoor Wedding They will be able to help you tackle any issues that might arise due to Mother Nature. While you are focusing on preparing yourself for the big day, they will be able to team up with your venue to determine backup plans should rain or storms threaten your ceremony or reception.
  2. Determine Dress Code- If guests are unaware of your outdoor wedding, they may show up wearing an outfit best suited for inside. Be sure to let guests know the wedding will be held outside and specify how formal you wish the attire to be.
  3. Comfort is Key- Be sure to provide your guests with ways to keep themselves comfortable during your outdoor ceremony or reception. If you will be near the water, consider providing wraps to fight against the wind. If you are concerned with the heat, consider having your programs double as fans.
  4. Avoiding Bugs- Mosquitos and flies are some of the biggest unwanted guests for your wedding. Combat the pesky insects with citronella candles and torches throughout your space.
  5. Consider your Menu- Be sure to have outdoor friendly food for your wedding menu. If you are expecting a hot day, avoid food items that need to be refrigerated constantly to avoid a mess.

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