5 Most Popular Special Occasions for Professional Catering

Professional Catering for Special Occasions Catering by Alan Weiss

Weddings are the #1 pick for special occasions that need professional catering

Today we’ll be sharing the five most popular special occasions for professional catering. Special events are unforgettable. Even after the celebration is over, the memory of this special occasion can last a lifetime. There are various milestones and celebrations where professional catering best serves a purpose. The catering industry has been such a growing business over the past few decades because people understand that having a fantastic menu can make any event more enjoyable. Making special occasions memorable takes expertise and professionalism, which we have undeniably at Catering by Alan Weiss. Here are our top five picks!

#1: Weddings 

A wedding is arguably the most significant day of a person’s life. Because of this, any reception should be one to remember. Weddings can be high-pressure situations, but we can help. We can help you narrow down the best professional catering options so that your reception is a smash hit! 

#2: Graduations

For some families, it’s a time-honored tradition to go out for dinner after graduation. However, a graduation party is more intimate and memorable. Whether the person received their high school diploma, Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s, finishing an educational program is an achievement that’s valuable for a lifetime. Regardless of the season, we have professional catering options that will make graduating even “sweeter.”

#3: Bar Mitzvahs

Bar Mitzvahs are a right of passage that deserves the right food. Not every professional catering company specializes in kosher catering, but we do. Planning Bar Mitzvahs involve meticulousness and tact. Because our specialty is kosher catering, we have the experience that you need to make your child’s coming of age story spectacular! 

# 4: Holiday Events

The holidays are extraordinary. For some, they can also be overwhelming. If you have a large family, cooking can be an all-day event. Sometimes it can take even longer! For this reason, professional catering helps lift a weight off your shoulder. 

# 5: Corporate Events

Entertaining colleagues and coworkers help with forming and maintaining professional bonds. Pre-COVID, it was a staple for companies to have corporate events throughout the years. Professional catering at corporate events is also a staple. Although company potlucks do exist and we don’t doubt that your team can make fantastic food, professional catering adds extra pizzazz to any event. 

If you’ve been searching for a catering company that can handle any event, reach out to Catering by Alan Weiss today. 

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