6 Steps to Planning a Summer Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Discover how to throw a memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

The six most important things to plan for when it comes to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah should be:

  • The Date: Ensure to give friends and family plenty of notice to cater for those traveling from afar. The date may be assigned up to three years in advance, depending on the size of the congregation.
  • The Venue: Popular venues book up fast during the summer months. Ensure that you book yours as soon as possible! 
  • The Menu: Make sure you’re able to cater to everyone’s tastes, especially when it comes to Kosher catering.
  • Choosing your Entertainment: This involves choosing a good balance of entertainment for young and old alike, so everyone enjoys themselves.
  • Accommodation: Make plans for guests traveling from afar will be comfortable, by checking hotel availabilities well in advance.
  • Your Invites: Make sure to have all the correct details on any invitations sent, regarding dates, time and location.


Entering Adulthood

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah is a joyous family occasion when a young boy or girl enters adulthood in the Jewish community. The Bar and Bat Mitzvah is the moment in the Jewish life cycle that most deeply defines who Jews are as a people.  The Bat and Bar Mitzvah ceremony celebrates the link in an unbroken chain of thousands of years of Jewish tradition.  The words Bar and Bat Mitzvah literally mean “Son & Daughter of the Mitzvah.”  In addition to meaning “commandment”, the word Mitzvah also means “connection.”  When a child reaches the age of Bat and Bar Mitzvah, she/he assumes a greater maturity in her/his connection to Torah and Mitzvot, to her/his own Jewish identity, to the Jewish people as a whole.

Keeping it Kosher

When catering for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Kosher option for guests is essential. Kosher foods are those that conform to the regulations of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). Food is considered kosher if it is prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and, if not cooked at home in a kosher kitchen, prepared under the supervision of a rabbi. Jewish dietary laws are many and varied; the most familiar are those forbidding consumption of pork and shellfish and the combining of meat and dairy.

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