3 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

You have just been invited to a bar/bat, but you do not what to give the young man or woman who is celebrating their big day. A bar/bat is an important and special day in a 13-year-old’s life and marks their transition into adulthood.  The celebration starts off with a ceremony in a temple with the young person reading from the Torah.  There is a celebration that follows which includes food and dancing.  If you are stumped on what to give as a gift, here a few ideas.


Here are a few bar/bat mitzvah gift ideas.


One of the most common gifts to give at a bar/bat mitzvah is money specifically cash.  A child can use the money for something special or to save to use on a rainy day. It is common to give cash in increments of $18, which are symbolic for Hebrew word chai meaning life.  You can give money in a round number such as $50 or $100, it really doesn’t matter.


Giving young adult a piece of jewelry is a classic bar/bat mitzvah gift and is apart of Jewish tradition. It is common to give the Star of David as  pendant in a necklace as gift. The Jewish star is a symbol of Jewish tradition and will be greatly appreciated. Another common gift is a hamsa, which is an eye that is imbedded in a hand.  A hamsa pendant is a seen as a good luck charm.


There are a wide range of books that you could give as a gift that would make any young adult happy.  It is common to give a Jewish scripture or novel as gift so the person can know more about their culture.

Catering for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

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