Plated vs. Buffet: The Pros and Cons

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Buffet or plated service for your special day?

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience. From the dress to the venue to the food — you, of course, want everything to be perfect on your special day. As this may be the first time you have had to plan to feed so many people, and there are many decisions to make, it’s important to keep a few basic things in mind when planning your ideal wedding feast. In order to help discover whether a buffet or plated dinner service would suit your needs better, read on.

The Pros And Cons of A Plated Dinner Service

This traditional option, where guests remain seated and are served, is a must for a formal and elegant atmosphere. This style is also the simplest and least chaotic as it doesn’t involve waiting in a line. However, depending on the size of your wedding, this can be incredibly pricey. On top of paying for food, you will have to pay servers, their tips, and for response cards, escort cards, and place cards. On the upside, however, you will control portion size and know just how much of everything to order. There is little risk of your caterers running out of food when everything has been pre-ordered and prepared according to exactly what your guests want.  

The Pros And Cons of A Buffet  

Just like a plated dinner service, a buffet style wedding dinner has its pros and cons. For the informal bride that wants to accommodate even the pickiest of eaters, a buffet style wedding can be the right choice. However, a buffet must be coordinated very carefully to avoid long lines and confusion. However, if your buffet features a number of proteins (which are usually the most expensive part of any meal) costs can add up. Buffets also open up the door for your guests to have multiple helpings, which can multiply your food costs. You will however, pay way less for waitstaff.

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