The Importance of Great Wedding Service

close-up of a wedding cake

With Catering by Alan Weiss, your wedding day will be perfect.

Catering isn’t just about the food anymore. Every aspect of the event is of the utmost importance, from the tablecloths to the service. When it comes to your wedding, you expect everything to be perfect, and at Catering by Alan Weiss, perfection is an obtainable aspect.

We’d like to think that some of the most important aspects of your wedding should go seemingly unnoticed. That means that the preparation, service and assistance happen organically, and without disruption. Our services are meticulously planned, which means that our job will look as easy as pie.

Hassle Free

Our catering service takes the hassle out of any event, especially one as important as your wedding day. Rather than forming multiple lines that lead to a crowded buffet, you can relax knowing that our competent wait staff will be there to wait on you at every step of the meal. The seating chart was a headache in itself, you should have to worry about who gets to eat and when.


Your wedding should be a magical day. Don’t let your guests walk around with heaping piles of food that they threw upon their plate. Rather, allow our wait staff and chefs to prepare your food in a way that compliments your style. Don’t let those beautifully set up tables go to waste. Rather, compliment the entire atmosphere by providing food that is just as beautiful as the wedding itself.

Think about Your Older Family

Accommodate all of your guests, and consider that some of them are elderly and not capable of getting their own meal from the buffet. Of course, a family member could bring a plate to them – but your elders will feel much more appreciated when they’re offered with professional service that’s patient and attentive to their needs.

Contact Catering by Alan Weiss

Ensure that your party is planned to perfection, and call Catering by Alan Weiss for exceptional service and tasty kosher cuisine. With Catering by Alan Weiss, your event will run smoothly no matter what you choose. When you choose Catering by Alan Weiss, you are not just choosing a kosher caterer, but a professional event team. Our 19-page menu is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, so rest easy in knowing all taste buds will be catered to.

Want to learn more about our services for your business conference? Call us today at 443-394-8338, or visit our contact page.

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