7 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Caterer

Discover how you can find the perfect catering company for your wedding!

While your perfect partner might have just fallen into your lap, you can’t expect your wedding caterer to do the same! Finding the right vendor for your kosher catering can be difficult if you aren’t sure what to do. Here are seven simple steps to help you find the wedding catering for your perfect day.

Set Your Budget

Before you can schedule your first appointment with a kosher catering company, you need to set a budget. A food and drink budget will help you to narrow down which companies you can afford and also gives the companies that you talk to an idea of what you can realistically afford.  

Ask Around

Does your venue have a list of requirements that wedding catering companies need to follow? Does your venue have a list of preferred vendors? That is a great place to start your search for the perfect kosher catering company. Many times, it’s easiest to go with a catering company that has already worked your wedding reception facility before.  

Don’t Stop at One

Get multiple proposals from multiple wedding catering companies, even if you fall in love at the first meeting. Just like you tried on more than one wedding dress before you officially chose the one, try on more than one wedding catering company before making your decision.  

Ask About the Details

Things like table linens, tables, chairs, and dinnerware all need to be coordinated in advance. Can your kosher catering company provide them? Does your venue provide them? Decide your plan in advance so that you don’t go over budget or without plates for the delicious food that you ordered.  

Pay Attention to Their Communication Style

Everyone communicates differently, but if your kosher catering company isn’t properly communicating with you before the contract is even signed, it’s a huge red flag. Slow communication early in the process typically signals even slower communication further down the road, so pay attention now.  

Taste Away

Once you have your list of potential wedding catering companies down to 3, schedule tastings with each one. Pay attention to the quality of the food, especially realizing that it might not be quite up to that standard on your wedding day when 300 plates are being prepared instead of 2.

Read Reviews

It’s never a good idea to read the comments, but it’s always a good idea to read reviews. See what other brides online have to say about your top wedding catering choices and narrow them down from there.  

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