4 Unique Themes For Your Summer Wedding Inspiration

What do you envision for your summer wedding?

Are you struggling to decide on a wedding theme? Do not feel alone because many couples are working through this same problem. You do not want to be boring, but you do not want to break the bank either. If you have set the date for a summer wedding, you are in luck. There are plenty of wedding themes that are perfect for the upcoming summer months.


This wedding theme is perfect for couples who want to celebrate our ecosystem. This kind of wedding will be composed of natural elements such as ivory, greenery and wooden furniture. Your guests will be dining on all sorts of farm-to-table cuisine in a venue like an open courtyard.


There is something unbelievably charming about a country summer wedding. The venue could be a ranch that resembles the American West. Guests will have a blast dressing up in cowboy boots and camouflage outfits. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, you can opt for pies from your local bakery. With this style of wedding, traditional wedding items will be thrown out the door so you can celebrate your hometown.


How about a summer wedding by the sea? Your guests will love a seafood bar with pickings such as fresh oysters and shrimp cocktails. Your venue will be littered with sailboats, anchors, lighthouse decor and all other types of seafare details.


A retro wedding theme will be fun for all ages. Turn back the clock and party like you are at the sock hop or everyone is in the cast of Grease. It will probably have a bright color scheme with colors like cherry red, neon pink and yellow. Whatever you decide, make sure you at least are serving your guests coca-cola in the signature glass bottles.

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