Wedding Planning Advice From a Professional Caterer

Professional Caterer

As a professional caterer, we have experience with weddings as well as a few tips for how to make the big day a success.

When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many options to consider and contingencies to plan for, that it can feel overwhelming to even get started. If you add in the more complicated element of holding a wedding outdoors, those decisions and questions multiply. That doesn’t mean you should write off the idea of an outdoor wedding – outdoor weddings can be totally beautiful, fun, memorable experiences. However, you should opt for an experienced professional caterer who can help you navigate the issues that come with outdoor events so that your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons.

Weather Woes

The easiest thing to predict about the weather is that it is unpredictable. Everyone pictures their outdoor ceremony on a bright, sunny, but not too hot day, with birds singing and a cool light breeze. However, the truth of weather is that the light breeze can become a fierce wind, the warm sun can become blazing heat, and rain or even ice (yeah, even in the summer) can roll in quickly. Plan your ceremony based on the worst conditions you might have: plan for tents to shelter from sun or rain, and even heaters, if necessary. If possible, plan a backup location that is indoors, and make sure your caterer has a back up plan as well.

Indoor Access

While your location may or may not provide an alternative indoor venue, you should try to find a venue that at least provides inside access for your caterer. If nothing else, you should try to have a designated tent area where your caterer can prep and prepare, out of the sun, wind, or rain. This is not just for the comfort of your catering staff, though that is nice, it is also a matter of food safety – a sheltered location makes it easier to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. A professional caterer should be able to tell you exactly what they can and can’t manage.

Menu Planning

Picture this: the rain clouds (happily) blew away before your ceremony and instead you find yourself marrying on a 102 degree day in the summer. You’re prepared for the heat, but the buttercream on your cake (only sheltered by a tent above) is not, and before the ceremony is over, the decorations are already sliding down the sides. It’s still delicious, but not as perfect as you dreamt. Work with your caterer to plan a menu that can stand up to the challenges of the weather in an outdoor environment. An experienced caterer will be able to help you choose dishes that will stand the test and also plan for accommodations that will keep the food safe and secure.

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